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Fun for beginners and competitors

Used as a “school boat”, Dingue is ideal for young people and beginners. Stability, safety and accessible handling are characteristics that attract sailors of all ages, female audiences, people with special needs and even more experienced athletes. It is a very competitive sailing boat, but also the most democratic and inclusive in Brazil.


Ready to NAVIGATE with a Dingue?  
 A complete vessel, ready to sail and fall even more in love with nature and life!
 The complete Dingue comes equipped with everything you need to get out sailing!  Recognized and approved by the Brazilian Sailing Confederation, Dingue is the best selling sailboat in Brazil and is widely adopted by sailing schools across our country!
 Safe, resistant and versatile!  It can be sailed by just one person or up to three adults !!!  It is known as the smallest boat of the WHOLE FAMILY.
 Customer Week arrived with special promotions.  Enjoy!


Versatile and Good Performance

Compact and simple to assemble, it is light, resistant, easy to transport and takes up little space. The good performance in different weather conditions always leads to disputes in sports regattas. Versatile, it is widely used for weekend leisure. It is undoubtedly the smallest sailing boat with the best cost-benefit in the market. A great option for fun, sport and health for the whole family. 

Holos History

Founded in 1998 by naval engineers, Holos Brasil started operating in the nautical sector. Based on the knowledge and expertise acquired in the manufacture of boats and accessories in fiberglass and carbon, it diversified its activities. Today, he develops research, projects, structures and parts for other industry segments; and also performs machining services, CNC prototyping, molds, computational modeling, physical modeling, lamination and ship repairs.

With more than two decades of experience, Holos Brasil combines scientific and theoretical knowledge with practical verification. Often working in partnership with universities, it offers viable solutions for the use of composite materials for an increasing number of applications.

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Holos Dingue
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